The Magical Spikes?

Shoe. What is in a shoe? Comfort, trend, sports? Or maybe inspiration for sportsmen and women.

The later applied to 24 year old Geoffrey Kamworor whose inspiration to defend his world cross-country title is attributed to the spike he was wearing. No, the Spikes were not a modified latest collection by Nike. The white spikes were written “Eliud”.

Geofrrey Kamworor’s spikes during World Cross Country in Kampala. He used Eliud Kipchoge’s used Spikes

During the World Cross Country championship one month ago, Geoffrey Kamworor competed in Eliud Kipchoge’s customized spikes. At Kololo, the 24 year old defended his title and became the first man in 11 year to do so. Interesting fact – they both wear same shoe size.

“I’m happy because I defended that title, I knew it was not going to be an easy task for me, teams were strong, there was strong competition,” said the smiling champion.

With the senior men race being the last one, it was flagged off just 5 minutes before 17.00, the course was nice, the barriers not so bad but the weather harsh – humid and very hot.

Kamworor had his feet on the ground, running his own race, at his own pace. He avoided the suicidal pace set Joshua Cheptegei, with whom they share a manager.

“When he took off, I followed him to some point but I felt the pace was so high, I had to reduce and go with my pace, the one he was moving with was suicide. What happened to him was unbelievable,” explained Kamworor.

A man of his own pace, in special shoes. Kamworor bagged the gold medal. When they say, good shoes take you somewhere, indeed for Geoffrey Kamworor’s shoes took him to the gold medal in Kololo.

Geoffrey Kamworor carrying the Kenyan flag after defending his title.. (Photo/Roger Sedres for IAAF)

For Eliud Kipchoge passing on the Spikes has a deeper meaning, for him that is how sport is, it should be passed to another generation.

“I inspire Geoffrey and give him all support and the power of running in track and cross country.”

That power was seen, that despite Joshua opening up a huge gap between them, Kamworor did not panic, he moved with comfort and little worry written in his facial expression. The 24 year old, had his feet on the ground.

 The shoe won by Kamworor was Nike Miler. The sole Miler. Upper Eldoret Top.  Nike Zoom Miler was customized for the World Athletics championships in Daegu.

Eliud gave a brief description of the Nike Zoom Miler, “ It’s a universal spikes, it fits both cross country and track, on the other hand, it’s good in training on both tartan and Murram tracks.”

Eliud used the Spikes in his last five years on the track . Eliud was last on the track in 2012 before he moved to road racing.

Eliud and Geoffrey at their Global Communications Camp in Kaptagat

The 32 year Marathon Olympic champion is Geoffrey Kamworor’s mentor,  “I always like to follow his ways, he is my role model, I would like to do what he is doing.“

Eliud is top of the world in athletics and Kamworor loves to walk in his shoes to get to the top. And certainly, running in his Eliud Kipchoge’s Spikes at Kololo, Geoffrey Kamworor felt the power of the name. “Running in his shoes, I was feeling like the power of the name – Eliud


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